Innovation through strategy

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Innovation through technology

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Innovation through partnership

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achieving innovation


We believe, simply, that innovation is the best way to create a world we want to live in. As such, there is never an end-point – we can never rest and say ‘the job is done’.

Innovation for us means that we must continuously strive for change, aspire to improve the world around us, and work towards creating a positive impact in society.

The ability to innovate successfully is dependent not on tools, or methodologies – but rather a willingness to critically explore the challenges we face in meeting our needs. This applies equally to the solutions we create, as well as the way that we create solutions.

So we may not know everything, but we excel at working with you to create, change and improve our world.

Who we work with


We work with our partners to address the most fundamental question facing them as a business – how to remain relevant as the world changes. As such, we work with organisations across the entire lifecycle of business – from start-ups to hundred-year old firms.

Being an open innovation ambassador, we have established a wide network of innovation partners across Africa and the world, numbering over 100 000 organisations. This ability to connect with the brightest and most creative minds across the world gives us a unique capability to solve problems and find novel and unexpected solutions.

Companies RIIS has been working with, include: